Carly Noble is a senior from Summit High School in Summit, New Jersey. She loves to write both creatively and academically, and her work has been published by Red Eft Review, The National, Awakened Voices, and Scholastic. When not writing, she is debating, binge-watching Friends, and reading all things satire.

Assistant Editor-in-Chief:

Patrick Wang is a senior at Northview High School. His writing has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing awards and published in the New York Times, American High School Poets, Chautauqua Journal, and Blue Marble Review, among others. When he isn’t writing, he is busy editing Curieux Academic Journal and working on his art, which recently served as the cover for the Daphne Review. He is a proud defender of minority voices, his favorite television shows, and the Oxford comma.

Our Editors:
Caroline Xue is a sophomore at Stanford Online High School from Seattle, Washington. She is pursuing a career in oncology or cancer research and enjoys exploring a diverse range of topics in chemistry, medicine, and philosophy in her free time. Outside of academics, Caroline also loves to play hockey and violin.

Mohammad Shihab is a student at Genesis Global School in Noida, India. He has achieved the Grand Award at the IRIS National Science Fair and will represent India in the 2020 ISEF. He is an advocate for those in his community and is currently working on a 12 month long initiative carried out independently with an NGO, “Blessings for Child.”

Abhinav Arumilli is a Junior at Obra D. Tompkins High School from Katy, Texas. He focuses mainly on economics and computer science and has created a website, EconRamblings, to explore both those topics in more detail. Outside of academics, he is a huge sports fan closely following the NFL, NBA, and cricket.