Curieux Editor Applications

We are currently looking for new student editors to join our editorial team. This job entails responsibilities such as reading through student research papers, leaving feedback, and judging them based on prescribed criteria. If you are interested in applying for this, please answer the questions below and email your responses to

1.) What is your name? 

2.) What grade are you in and what school are you from? 

3.) Why are you interested in becoming an editor for Curieux Academic Journal?   

4.) We are looking for editors who have a passion for a specific academic subject (i e. Biology, history, psychology, etc.). Which academic subject would you want to edit and why? 

5.) Being an editor for Curieux has a time commitment of around 2-3 hours per week. How do you plan to make time for Curieux each week? 

6.) Finally, being an editor requires lots of communication and teamwork with both the submitter and the editor in chief. Please elaborate on any experiences past or present that demonstrate your ability to collaborate with others.