The Curieux Academic Journal is a multidisciplinary academic journal written entirely by high school students. Curieux was founded with the goal of creating a place where high schoolers can publish their academic thoughts. We accept academic work of all kind (essay, paper, proof) on any subject (literary theory, psychology, chemistry, philosophy, etc.). Whatever you have feel free to send it over!

We just published our third issue after a brief hiatus due to understaffing. Read it Issue III!

We are currently accepting submissions for issue number four which will be published in July of 2019. To be considered for issue number four send your submission in to curieuxjournal@gmail.com before June 1.

Feel free to send us a message, question, or comment at curieuxjournal@gmail.com.

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We accept submissions on any academic topic from economics to ornithology to advanced statistics, and anything in between. Our third issue was recently published, you can view it here. All submissions submitted before June 1 will be considered for issue number four which will be published in July.

Submissions have no word limit but it should be noted that we will be less likely to publish works containing more than 15,000 words or less than 1,000 words. An abstract is recommended but not necessary (the editing staff will write an abstract for your paper if the author chooses not to write one). Submissions should also include a short bio containing two to three sentences about the author. You may send as many submissions as you desire.

All submissions should be sent to curieuxjournal@gmail.com. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Note that by submitting to Curieux you give Curieux First World Electronic Rights for the article if it is accepted.

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Hit us up anytime with your comments, criticisms, or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you.